About Blackness 2.0

Race and New Technologies is a course exploring the role of race in the construction of identity through biopolitics and new media technologies.

Topics discussed over the course of the twelve-week term include: power and tech; emerging definitions of biopolitics; people of color and cosmetic surgery; queer science/transcience; reproductive technologies and capacities; activism on the web; social networking and power; gamers and the virtual world; love and sexuality on the web; and fandom

This site features student projects from Africana/American Studies 202, which ran from January through May 2010 at Williams College. Students situated experiences with video games in critical race, gender, and gaming theories. They could use any platform (e,g, PC, PS3, Xbox, iPhone) and play any game to explore issues of identity construction, choice, free play, and socially constructed environments.

You can download the syllabus from this link: K. Springer’s Blackness 2.0 Syllabus 2010.

Special thanks to Marcus Morrissette, our Media Mentor, and Tamra Hjermstad, Media Spaces & Technologies Coordinator, for instructional training and assistance.

Dr. Kimberly Springer